Corrosion laboratory

Activities of corrosion lab are focused on evaluation of resistance to corrosion of metallic materials and of protective properties of various types of metallic and non-metallic inorganic and organic coatings (phosphates, chromates, paints, lubricants…). The main orientation of testing activities is focused on laboratory exposition tests, which make it possible to evaluate materials in specific environments under different standardised conditions. The laboratory makes also other types of corrosion tests, evaluation of quality parameters of coatings and complex evaluation of causes of corrosion degradation of materials in different industrial environments with possibility of adding analytical activities realised in collaboration with other laboratories.

Main activities of laboratory:

  • corrosion tests of materials, products and various types of anti-corrosion applications:
    • in salt mist in accordance with the standards ČSN ISO, DIN, ASTM
    • in condensation atmosphere in accordance with the standards ČSN, DIN
    • cyclic corrosion and climatic tests, such as PV 1210, VDA 62 – 415
    • tests at permanent or alternation exposition in liquid media
  • tests of resistance of alloys steels and alloys to intergranular corrosion
  • control of quality of surface treatment (surface density, thickness, presence of passivation, chemical composition of multi-layer and alloy coatings)
  • tests of protective efficiency of preservation agents and packing systems, tests of properties inhibiting corrosion in lubricants, liquids for machining and hydraulic liquids
  • evaluation of degree of damage caused by corrosion of inner surface of steel pipelines, water tanks, cisterns
  • evaluation of corrosion effects of technological waters (pressurised water, cooling water), insulation and other contact masses on metallic materials
  • evaluation of character of corrosion attack on metals, including evaluation of causes of corrosion, analyses of sediments and corrosion products
  • evaluation of corrosion aggressiveness of environment (working atmospheres, storage conditions, transport conditions)

Testing activities of the Corrosion laboratory are accompanied also by expertise activities in the field of corrosion of metallic materials, products and equipment.