Anodization AMS 2488

We offer low to medium volume delivery capacity of surface treatment of selected non-ferrous alloys - especially titanium - by the process of anodizing in strongly alkaline electrolyte, in accordance with AMS 2488.

The technology enables the production of so-called hard anodization with the designation "Type II" as well as the anodization color-based on the principle of interference of the oxide layer without the use of organic dyestuffs during sealing. The line is designed to work with the most advanced mode of surface oxidation MAO / PEO (Micro Arc Oxidation / Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation), which is superior to conventional processing techniques.

The production line is a closed process, incl. pre-treatment and finishing of the surface of the workpieces.

The workplace is certified according to ISO 13485; ad hoc customer notification of traffic for the needs of specified products is possible.

For other technical information, contact the head of the testing laboratories.