• Possible Autostart
  • Possible Evaluation form 2 measuring places
  • Compatible with MEMS, EMBR a FC MOLD
  • No dangerous radiation
  • No manipulator is necessary
  • Mold level detector measures true molten steel level in the mold
  • Mold level detector measures "global" mold level
  • The detector does not need any manipulation or calibration before casting
  • Suppression of the influences of the electromagnetic brake (EMBR) or mold stirrer (MEMS)


  • Electromagnetic field generated by exciting coil induces the eddy currents in molten steel and in all surrounding conductive components. Distribution of eddy currents electromagnetic field depends on molten steel level in the mold. This field induces a voltage in sensing coils. The induced voltage is amplified and processed in microprocessor controlled evaluation unit.
  • Sensor viewing field is sufficiently wide therefore the sensor measures a global molten steel level in the mold.


  • The sensor is designed according to the final customer requirements and possibilities.
  • The sensor body of heavy duty construction is made of solid block from stainless heat-resisted steel. Protection of the sensor body against damage during short-time overflow is ensured by efficient water cooling.
  • Each sensor is equipped with heavy-duty flexible cable with industrial connector. Depending on local conditions it is possible to split the cable by intermediate connector placed on the mold or next to the mold. The handling of the sensor could be easier with the short sensor cable.